May, 2013

Ironman Lanzarote

End of the bike today at IM Lanzarote.

Todays race at Ironman Lanzarote was not so great for me. I finished! But a long way behind today! But thank you to everybody for there encouragement. It was really appreciated, I am sorry we both weren’t able to perform better. It was disappointing but we move on and get back to getting ready for the next race.

It was as always a great event, very well organised and the spectator numbers particularly in Puerto del Carmen was incredible, more than ever, it was amazing, wel done everybody involved.

We are now back to Sands Beach had a lovely dinner and now relaxing before bed.

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Volcano Triathlon, Lanzarote

At the weekend TeamTBB UK from SandsBeach Resort raced the Volcano Triathlon. It is a very popular olympic distance race organised every year 3 weeks before Ironman Lanzarote.

The last time Stephen and I raced an olympic distance triathlon was the Volcano in 2008, where I won the womens race and Stephen came 2nd in the mens race.
This year was as competitive as ever in mens and womens field so a great test for us! The 4 of us did’nt back off our training for this one as we all have our eyes on the upcoming races in the coming months. So heavy legged we gave ourselves a shock to the system by racing this short fast race.

The gun went off at 10am and we swam the choppy 1500 swim in Club La Santa lagoon. Eimear and I started beside each other and after about 200m she was able to use her new swim strength to swim away.

Camilla Pederson took minutes out of all the girls and again on the bike she took more minutes from us. Eimear passed Michelle Vesterby quickly on the bike and I worked at closing the gap to Michelle the whole ride.

Camilla ran solid and got the win easily, Eimear ran very well and took 2nd and I managed to pass Michelle on the run to get on the podium.

ThankYou for the photo, Bob Foy

It was a good shock to my muscles, now its 2 more weeks of training here at SandsBeach till I freshen up for Ironman Lanzarote. I wont race Eimear at the Ironman, she will race Challenge Barcelona the same weekend.

Camilla Pedersen, Eimear and I at the finish.

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