July, 2013

220 Triathlon Magazine

220 Triathlon Magazine Interview

220 magazine have always been great supporters of both Bella and Stephen throughout their careers.

At the end of 2012 they did a really nice interview with both of them for the magazine. Bella and Stephen both feel it tells a good overview of their careers and a little of their lives in the world of triathlon and the demands of training and looking after their son Charlie

220 Triathlon Magazine Interview

70.3 Norway

Yesterday I raced 70.3 Norway. It was great to experience this race which was in a beautiful part of the world. The course was great and race was well organised.

I did’nt have the best swim start as I panicked after 400 metres, there were so many people around me and with the dark water I got so scared. I very nearly had to climb onto a canoe but I really did’nt want to end my day after 400m so I tried to keep swimming, after about half way I began to calm down and get on with my normal swimming.
I came out the water with a few other pro girls including Lisbeth.
It felt good to be out the water and on my bike. It was raining so I had to be careful on the corners but the course was good, hard work, no real resting. Lots of peddling!
When I got off the bike I hoped the 2 New Zealand girls I was riding with (Britta Martin and Julia Grant) would be around 4th, 5th and 6th place but we were 6th, 7th and 8th place. The 2 of them shot out of transition. I felt awful to begin with on the run and could’nt go with them. On the out and back section during the run I could see the other girls. The drug cheat was way out in front, followed by Catriona Morrison, and Norwegian girl, then Michelle, Britta, Julia then me. I managed to pass Julia but no one else. So 6th place and no prize money. A real bummer!
But I got a good session in to help my fitness for Ironman UK in 4 weeks time.
Ritchie did great. Proud of him!
On the way home now, am half way, in Copenhagen. Can’t wait to be back with Stephen and Charlie.