November, 2013

Kenneth Gasque’s Ocean Lava, Lanzarote 2013

Last week I raced ocean Lava, what a great event it was.  If you like Triathlon and dont have so much on early November next year, come across!  Stay at SandsBeach Resort then race Ocean Lava, a well organised Triathlon event with either an Olympic distance or Half to choose from.
Right on the Ironman Lanzarote swim, bike and Run course.

This year after having won my “retirement race” Challenge Henley, I have been busy with coaching and of course looking after Charlie, but each day when I had the opportunity to train, I did some short training sessions so I could have fun at Ocean Lava.

It was very special to be part of another great event here on Lanzarote.

I tried to stay on the feet of Saleta Castro which I did for 1 lap but I could’nt hold onto her for the 2nd lap,

The bike was great fun, taking on the best bits of Lanzarote just in 90km!  I past Saleta and Nicole at about 15km on the bike.  I enjoyed leading the womens race untill 80km but then Maja Stage ruined my fun by passing me giving me not one single second to go with her.  Maja then ran really well and took a well deserved win.

On the run it was great, so much support from everyone watching,
ThankYou for helping me to have a fun race!

And get better soon James Mitchell and Till Shenck who managed to really hurt themselves by riding as fast as they could into different walls on the bike course!

See you at the races,




by Stephen: 22 October 2013

After Challenge Henley, we decide that I should have a long rest to fully recuperate.  I am towards the end of that rest period now.  I plan to start training again soon, fully refreshed and aiming for much better performances in the future.

I have been particularly disappointed with my performances this year.  IM UK and Challenge Henley were ok,  but not what I have performed like in the past and not how I want to be performing now or in the future.

So up next is so good hard training here at Sands Beach Resort in Lanzarote.  I certainly have no excuses with climate or facilities,  it is perfect here for triathlon training.

The past weeks though I have been going very easy and enjoying my time here, lots of time outside with Charlie and Bella and particularly on the beaches here at the resort and here in Costa Tequise,  it is a really beautiful and welcoming area for everybody who comes on holiday here, or lives here.

Charlie is trying to drag me out the door to the pool right now so I will end it there.

Thanks for reading


Challenge Henley and Bella’s last Iron distance race.

by Stephen: from 12 September 2013

On Sunday Bella and I raced Challenge Henley.  It is the 3rd year of the event, I have raced all 3.  I have enjoyed all races.

This year It was a very special event for the Bayliss’ as it was to be Bella’s last ever Iron distance race.  I know Bella was unsure of her form, but I was confident she could do a decent job on race day, however I think we both didn’t expect her to win.

So come race day and to see Bella in the lead early on the bike then onto the run I could see that she had a very big lead.  I was very excited to think that she might be able to have a fairy tale ending to her career at Ironman and win her final race.

Which she did with a dominant performance.  It was a really great moment to wait for Bella at the finish line with Charlie in my arms and to both welcome her home on her lap of honour(or last race of honour).

It was a local race for me really, so all the Bayliss’s were their to see and support us both.  It was a very special day to end a very special career.

I have mentioned in one of my other blogs Bella’s incredible results through her career.  I think one of the most incredible feats was winning 5 Iron distance races in one year.  And 9 in total in a 2year span!  Pretty impressive.

For me my race went ok.  I had a good swim, leading with Rhys Davies behind me and a good gap to all the rest.  On the bike.  Rys did a fine job in the first half of the bke and it was nice to have some company, we could see on the out and backs that Tom Lowe was catching us, but everybody else was a long way behind.  On the last lap, Rhys dropped off and Tom eventually caught me and we came into T2 together.

I tried to run with Tom, but my legs just wouldn’t go at the speed they needed too and he opened up a really good lead on the first lap.  On the 2nd half of the run I managed to hold the gap but I had no chance of chatching unless he blew,  which he didn’t and so I finished 2nd.

All in all the Bayliss’s had a great day and Bella’s performance made it so extra special.  We were both over the moon:)


We are now in Scotland visiting Bella’s family, Charlie is having a great time, seeing lots of animals and he loves tractors, today he spent ages sitting on a tractor at Bella’s friends Kirstie’s pretending to drive it.