2014 news, partners, race plans and DOVE. Blog by Stephen.

dove8865851751_8520f7c601_bHappy new year for 2014.

Since the announcement that Brett was leaving Team TBB and so Bella and I also deciding to leave. I have been working on getting together some good strong partnerships for 2014. I have some great Companies with great products sponsoring me for this year, but I am still looking for some more partners, specifically a bike sponsor. So please get in touch if you are interested in working with Bella and I.

In terms of races for 2014, I will be racing for Tri Cozumel, but will still be based at the fantastic Sands Beach Resort in Lanzarote, they are such an important supporter to Bella and I and I am very happy to be helping with the new www.triactivlanzarote.com team that Bella is the coach of and is based here at Sands Beach Resort www.activelanzarote.com.

In terms of races; I will be starting the year with 70.3 Monterrey and 2 weeks later IM Los Cabos on 30th March. I will then see where I stand re Hawaii points and see what races I might need to do then.

But I will say that I have a renewed strength and motivation after my long break at the end of 2013, and I believe I will be in very good shape for a great race in Hawaii in 2014. I also am very fortunate to have people that believe in me and this goal; my family, Brett and my growing sponsorship partners.

If you want to join me on this journey then please get in touch.

The sport of triathlon is not an easy one to be a professional athlete in, Bella and I have made it work over the years and have enjoyed our time doing what we love, but for the future of triathlon, to try to make it a proper professional sport so it can really be an option for a career for people and also to make it more of an athlete based sport for all and not just a profit making exercise, please take a look here the DOVE project :http://theironcouple.com/dove/ project. Read more also on www.trisutto.com.

If you are interested in supporting me or just the DOVE project but aren’t a big company(or if you are) then consider joining the DOVE movement and help triathlon as a whole.

All the best to you for a successful and happy 2014