March, 2014

Ironman Los Cabos

Thank you Marianne Espinoza for the photo.

Thank you Marianne Espinoza for the photo.

Yesterday I raced Ironman Los Cabos. My first Iron distance race of 2014, It has been a long time, for me, since my last Iron distance race which was Challenge Henley in September. After that race I had a long break and started training properly again just before Christmas.

I felt some pressure coming into this race. In this sport of professional Long distance triathlon. Ironman is the main brand. But the prize money on offer at this race payed to 8th. And I want to make a living at this sport so I have to finish high, to earn some decent money. It is also a long way to come to not perform well.

I am aiming at being better than I have been before with my performance this year, I am not sure I am there yet. But yesterday was a good start.

I am trying to collect points for Hawaii, but practically I need to get the prize money more than points.

The race went fairly smoothly, I managed to get a gap in the swim and had a 2min gap to the next out of the water. I decided not to push hard on the bike and the front group caught me after a while and I stayed with this group for the rest of the ride, Jan Van Berkel managed to get away and had 3mins at the end of the bike.

Onto the run and I felt ok, but struggled to keep the pace of Fontana. But I also managed to keep the gap to a reasonable amount, then at half way I started being sick, which wasn’t a big problem, but I then lost energy and needed to regroup and get more calories in, so the gap opened and I lost 2nd place too. But at the start of the last lap I started to get some energy back and re took 2nd place but unless Fontana started to walk I wasn’t going to catch him.

All in all it was a good start to my Ironman campaign for 2014.

I am really looking forward to getting back to Bella and Charlie now.

I want to thank Tri Cozumel for giving me the opportunity to race for the team, there support and belief in me is very important, thank you!

Also I want to thank Sands Beach Resort for there support the last 2 years. Without there support it would also be very difficult to be racing as a professional triathlete.

Thank you ON running, for the best shoes out there.

Bike and nutrition sponsor and others still needed:)

The beginning of this year has been really fun and demanding in equal measure

Tri activ swim trainingBella, Charlie and I arrived back to Sands Beach on New years eve, after a great Christmas in Scotland and then London seeing family. I have been pushing myself hard with some good solid training and am feeling happy with how I am progressing.

Bella is busy with coaching, among others she is coaching Dani and Michi Herlbauer, an Austria couple who are very nice and have the potential to be very good. They have been here for a while and the last weeks here at Sands Beach we have also had a 4 strong group of Austrian Junior athletes; Hannah, Laura, Stefan and Sebastian . They are coached By Dani. Dani let Bella take over for a couple of weeks. We have done some great training together and it has been great seeing their determination and their joy of training for triathlon. I can see that all 4 of them have the potential to be very good athletes if they want to be.Austrian kids

Dani and Michi are here more long term and are really dedicated and lovely people, it is a pleasure to have them around and to help them achieve there triathlon goals.

One of my favourite things of each week is helping Bella, if I can, with the Tri Active kids sessions on a Saturday and a Monday, the kids are all great and are really trying hard and getting better and better all the time with Bella’s guidance. Just last week they all competed in their first triathlon, it was in Playa Blanca, it was great to watch them all, everyone of them did so well, it was fantastic just watching them all do their very best on what was a tough day with a bit of cold, wet and windy weather.

Stephen la GraciosaThis last weekend I raced in the Desafio on La Graciosa. I came 3rd in the tri cross on Saturday and 3rd in the trail run on Sunday. It was a really great way to see such a beautiful island and also a great way to get some good training in.

I am looking forward to having the 2 Johns from Ireland here next week and helping them with some good training for a week here at Sands Beach.

Then soon after I will be heading off to Mexico for 70.3Monterrey and then 2 weeks later Ironman Los Cabos, in between the 2 races I will be staying in Cozumel with the rest of the Tri Cozumel team. I am planning to arrive in great shape and do the best job I can in the both races.

So lots going on here at Sands Beach, loads of athletes coming and enjoying the great facilities and great location here in Costa Tequise. I can certainly say I have everything I need to be the best I can be.

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