Update on my progress and my disappointment at the state of drug testing in sport

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Hi reader:)

I am currently sitting here at my computer with a throat infection and taking antibiotics to get healthy again. After being out of action for the whole of March with pneumonia and having an enormous amount of antibiotics to get me healthy again.  I am not exactly happy to be taking more antibiotics!!

I was starting to get a little bit fit, I was swimming well and starting to bike ok, and was starting to do a few decent runs.

I will be back training properly soon, but I really need everyday at the moment if I want to be in anyway competitive at IMUK in about 1months time!

As a professional triathlete I want to be competing to win, and the only way this is possible for me is to be training extremely hard for many many weeks. So it is a little frustrating to keep getting knocked down, but I will be getting back up:) And I will be back to my best at some point this year.

What is also frustrating me at the moment is the rumour apon rumour of drug cheats in sport in general. After the panorama program recently showed, it is far too easy to get away with doping!! It is so sad that in sport now, can you believe in the amazing results that athletes are doing?

As entertainment, I don’t know if it really matters. So do the governing bodies really care?

But for all the clean athletes out there trying to earn a living or just achieve their personal goals, they are being completely and utterly cheated by these athletes, but also by the sports governing bodies. It really seems like they are not interested in catching the drug takers! The testing is just a joke, when it is so easy to get away with it. And the punishment is so small if they do get caught, when they come back, they seem to get sponsors no problem. Justin Gatlin for instance is probably on the best contract of his life with Nike!! Same in triathlon with Lisa Huthaller, she seems to have plenty of sponsors willing to give her money and stick their name on her kit, unbelievable to me!

Ironman could be doing something and making a real stand, say if you are a convicted drug cheat, you can’t race in an Ironman event, why would they welcome these athletes to their races? Say go somewhere else, in Ironman we are making a stand and we are going to introduce the most strict and radical testing of any sport. Along the lines of www.cleanprotocol.org .

Why would they not do this?

Make our sport an example to all other sports out there, that Ironman is about health and well being and fair sport?

Do you think this will happen?


On a lighter note:)

I am looking forward to going to the www.Longcourseweekend.com the first weekend of July in Pembrokeshire.  Looks like a fantastic event, come and say hi if I see you there:)  It will be some much needed training for me:)