by Stephen: 22 October 2013

After Challenge Henley, we decide that I should have a long rest to fully recuperate.  I am towards the end of that rest period now.  I plan to start training again soon, fully refreshed and aiming for much better performances in the future.

I have been particularly disappointed with my performances this year.  IM UK and Challenge Henley were ok,  but not what I have performed like in the past and not how I want to be performing now or in the future.

So up next is so good hard training here at Sands Beach Resort in Lanzarote.  I certainly have no excuses with climate or facilities,  it is perfect here for triathlon training.

The past weeks though I have been going very easy and enjoying my time here, lots of time outside with Charlie and Bella and particularly on the beaches here at the resort and here in Costa Tequise,  it is a really beautiful and welcoming area for everybody who comes on holiday here, or lives here.

Charlie is trying to drag me out the door to the pool right now so I will end it there.

Thanks for reading