Volcano triathlon 2014

Credit:  James Mitchell

Credit: James Mitchell

On Sunday I raced in the Volcano triathlon, I have done this race many times before.  It is an Olympic distance non drafting race. It is a perfect warm up for IM Lanzarote,  many of the competitors will do both these races.

This time I am actually preparing for IM Texas which is on the same day as IM Lanzarote.  But it is also great to get this race in my legs in preparation for that race too.

As always it was a very well organised event.  I had a good swim and came onto the bike with Rasmus Patreaus.  But onto the bike I was not going as I would like, and got passed by Romain Guillame and Bert Jammer, who both put time into me.  Then onto the run in 3rd, I felt worse than I did on the bike!  I got passed by another athlete and finished in 4th.

But that it is how it goes sometimes,  we don’t always feel great, but it was still great training to push on the best I could.  I wore my Tri Cozumel kit with pride and did the best I could in the race.

I am leaving soon, for Cozumel for the Taste of Cozumel event, which is going to be great, I am really looking forward to the whole weekend.  It is the first of the new DOVE races and it will be great to see lots of friends and support this excellent project that is really going from strength to strength over in Cozumel.

Thank you to Sands Beach resort for there support and also many of the Tri Activ team out supporting or racing, it was great to see lots of them.

Tri Activ Kids with Bella

Tri Activ Kids with Bella

In the afternoon after the race, we had the Tri Activ kids session, and it is so great to see how they are all improving and enjoying doing swim, bike and run.  Well done kids, I love seeing you all doing your best in every session.  Keep up the good work!